Tips for Your Senior Session


The Yearbook Photo

Make choices that will not distract from your face. It will probably be just a head and shoulders photo, that is what most yearbooks require. So select something simple, fit in with what other Seniors are wearing for their yearbook photo.

Clothing choices have been for guys, a sport coat, simple shirt and tie, sweater, some have even selected a suit.

Girls are always a bit more complicated but once again we need the viewer to be drawn to your face so a plain dress, sweater or blouse a plain neckline and simple jewelry will help this out. I know you want to wear the coolest outfit for this, but a lot of it will not be showing

Long sleeves for both guys and girls is a good choice the less skin to detract from the face the better.

The Fun Stuff

Once we get the yearbook out of the way it is time to show who you are, If you have a hobby lets use that, musical instruments, cheerleading outfits, uniforms, something that says who you are and what you like is the best.

If we are going outside bring a casual outfit, if you have a favorite outdoor sport that would work. Bring your favorite outfits, the ones that make you  look your best.

Leave your nerves at home bring a friend or family member and lets enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

Hair- Don’t go for a new haircut or style that can’t be changed, there is always the chance you could hate it and overtime when you see your portrait you will have to relive it ver and over again.

Whitening your teeth should be done weeks before the shoot to avoid red hot gums, Yikes!

We can remove most blemishes so don’t stress yourself into a full blown breakout.

I can’t do much about tattoos, I can completely remove small ones, but the big ones are part of you.

Scares you want gone, can happen,  just let me know if you do not want to see them in the photo.

Eye glasses can be a problem. Non-glare works fairly well, tinted are impossible. Some suggestions are to bring a pair of frames without glass to slip on for the photo, go without, try those contacts you were thinking about. Glasses sometimes can even have glare on the frames themselves and require tons of extra touchups, so lets try whatever we can to avoid those extra charges.