Choose your clothing carefully, color and style that allows the face to dominate a portrait, with all other elements being secondary. Choose colors for the background, if it is going to be an outdoor portrait consider the location the colors and textures that you will be posing with. You don’t want to choose a green outfit…

Senior Pricing

$300.00 30-50 Photos to Choose From Outside Locations 1-4 Clothing Changes About 1-3 Hour of Photographer’s Time Viewing Book $100 deposit is paid at photo session. Minimum purchase after the session is $300 Unlimited Clothing Changes  14 Units of photos

Senior Tips

Girls when you are getting ready for a Senior Session, it is best not to flat iron your hair. If you are going to have a stylist work on your hair and makeup flat ironing will only allow you to have extremely straight hair, there will not be the opportunity to change your hairstyle to…

Don’t do boring Senior Photos, $100 will get you a 1-3 hour session, as many changes as you want, great outdoor location and a good number of photos to choose from, all online. Nobody will look better than you1

Senior Photos

Your popularity depends on this! Summer is a great time for Senior Pics. Have a great experince and  have the finished product in time for fall classes. The weather is great, the outdoors is your studio. Now is the time! Call 503.244.5367 to schedule your session